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Serenity Organizers

Tray Travel Organizer: Charcoal

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This lightweight (2.8 oz), antimicrobial, and washable organizer will change the way you travel. No more juggling your belongings and desperately trying to reach under your seat into your carry on during flight. Clever built-in pockets safely store your belongings at your fingertips during flight.: iPads, magazines, water bottles, eye glasses, cords, chargers, iPhones - you name it! In addition to providing much needed storage, it also provides a clean surface to which you can eat off of on the other side of the tray. . Upon touch down, simply slip it off and it then magically transforms into a drawstring tote. The tote will hold your valuables so you don't leave anything behind . Take it home, wash it and you will be ready for your next adventure.