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Tripp Essentials

Mosquito Repellent Lamp

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Say goodbye to pesky bugs and annoying bug bites during hot summer days with the modern and high-performance 5W Rechargeable Suction Mosquito Lamp. This silent killer is designed to provide maximum efficiency with its built-in UV light and powerful internally-contained spiral suction that offers 360 degrees of coverage for mosquitoes and ants alike. 

Unlike other mosquito lamps with only one opening, this lamp features a 360-degree opening that provides up to 646 square feet of coverage and 4.3 square feet of UV light coverage. Its sleek lines and smooth surface make it a perfect fit for any modern home or office.

The pest-killer lamp also features a bottom detachable death tray to dispose of collected mosquitos or ants like a pro. You can charge up your pest-eliminating machine with an included USB cord that attaches to any laptop, power bank, or outlet for instant power.

With its 8.5” x 4.7” (L x W) size, you can place it anywhere from your kitchen counter to your outside patio. Clean up your space and find your peace with this modern and efficient mosquito lamp.