Which Travel Persona Are You?

Which Travel Persona Are You?

Travelling is a truly cathartic and magical experience for most of us, whether we travel for a day, a weekend, or even a well-deserved weeklong vacation. Some of us constantly seek adventure and thrills while some of us yearn for the ocean breeze. Some of us seek no particular scenery but we prefer to make our travel plans according to where we are in our life, our personality, or what we need that trip to do for us. Whether you want to travel to celebrate your bachelor party or you want to travel to escape your mundane 9 to 5 job for a weekend defines what you’re looking for on your trip.

Think about this for a minute, have you ever found yourself planning for a trip and thinking “it’s my birthday weekend and I just want to party all day and all night on this trip” or “it’s been such a long year, I can’t wait to lie on the beach and enjoy the ocean breeze”. Some of us almost always want to explore the unique things about every city we visit and get the full touristy experience. Regardless of what travel persona you are, there will always be something worth your while on every trip.

These are our curated list of the top 20 travel personas. Read on to see which one (or perhaps more than one) persona you fit into:

  1. Beach lovers – Your soul yearns for the sea and your feet feel at peace whenever they descend on the warm sand at the beach.
  2. Party Rockers – You’re most in love with life when you’re surrounded by great people and even greater music!
  3. Solo travelers – You prefer to do dance to the beat of your own drums and prefer to let the winds glide what direction your travels take.
  4. Thrill seekers – You’re always ready for a gut-wrenching experience that will shake the life back into you by shaking you to your core.
  5. Crowd escapers – You prefer your own company to that of others and seek to break free from the masses.
  6. Picture Fanatics – You like to whip out your camera as often as you can to encapsulate the precious memories of your travels forever.
  7. Casual Weekenders – You are ready to take a quick break from the tedium of your life to explore new places and refresh yourself.
  8. Savvy tourists – You want to make the most out of your trip by going off a checklist of the most well-known attractions of every place you visit so that you never have any FOMO!
  9. City Lovers – You relish in urban metropolitans that are melting with people of different cultures and lifestyles. Modern architecture and happening technological cities are where your heart truly lies.
  10. Budget travelers – You’re the coupon queen/king of your family and are well-aware of all avenues to ensure that you make the most of your trips without breaking the bank.
  11. Groupie travelers – Your inner self is at peace when you are surrounded by likeminded people who are travelling towards a similar goal. You fuel yourself off others’ energies.
  12. Road trippers – You are truly in your element when you’re either driving or shot gunning on your travels. You take pleasure in the ability to control exactly when and where you stop.
  13. Romantic Duo – You’re sipping on the delicious fountain of emotions that is “love” and you’re willing to leave the whole world behind and embark on a romantic journey with your partner.
  14. Cruise lovers – You’ve chosen the cruise life and all the grandiose that comes with it like the constant view of the ocean or the flow of exotic food options.
  15. History seekers – Your heart and mind want to know everything about the rich past associated with every place you visit. You seek out historically significant travel spots to satisfy your intellectual hunger.
  16. Shopaholics – You are keen on collecting tokens of wherever you visit, and your credit card is no stranger to exploring traditional bazars and modern megamalls alike.
  17. Foodies – Your soul is truly satisfied in the company of scrumptious food and you feel drawn to try the food delicacies of every place you visit.
  18. Nature lovers – You are drawn to mother nature in all of its glory and you prefer to spend time in places that are relatively untouched by the human hand.
  19. Art buffs – You seek out museums and art exhibitions wherever you go as your mind feels enlightened when you’re surrounded by magnificent art.
  20. Novice Traveler – You’re not quite sure what you want out of your travels and that makes you an empty canvas that is ready to explore the world with a truly open heart and mind.

Regardless of which of these travel personas you identify with, our blog will always have something to inspire your next adventure with all the travel essentials you will need

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