Great Summer Deals for Travel Enthusiasts

Great Summer Deals for Travel Enthusiasts

As we go full swing into Spring and start planning for the summer time, it’s time to stock up on some travel essentials and snag some luxurious travel deals. We scoured the internet for hours and compiled this perfect list for you so you can jump straight into shopping! Check out our post about travel personas to see where you fit in and then feel free to skip to the part that applies most to YOU.

Deals for Beach Lovers:

Beach lovers(particularly surfers) are bound to revel at Evo’s deals with major discounts on beach essentials like wetsuits for men and womensurf bags and drybags for storing all your beach goodies without worrying about waves, and all beach related lifestyle items such as chairscoolers, and beach towels. So, no matter when or where your next beach vacay is- Evo should be your first stop this season to invest in some beach essentials. Another must-have beach essential is sunscreen, so head over to SolDeJaneiro for free shipping on orders above $35 and more to stock up on their illuminating body oil with SPF 30. For facial sunscreen, we recommend Supergoop as it offers 10 percent off sitewide for all newbies!

Deals for Solo Travelers:

There’s no better investment for solo travelers than a good pair of noise-canceling headphones that enable them to live in their own mind, so snag a pair of JBL LIVE over-ear headphones. Other popular options include Beats by Dr.Dre Beats Studio 3 wireless noise-canceling headphones or check out the options we have available on the website at great discounts. Another travel essential to buy for your next trip could be this selfie stick/ tripod from amazon in case you want pictures and don’t feel comfortable asking others to take your picture for you. You might even want to consider buying a portable Bluetooth speaker to transform any place into your own by surrounding yourself with the kind of music that makes your soul feel at peace.

Deals for Thrill-Seekers:

Thrill-seekers who enjoy outdoor adventures should flock to because they offer the best deals on essentials for activities, including hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and many more. So, no matter what activities captivates you – backcountry will have a discount that you want. Another site to check out could be adventureHQ, as their offerings include discounts on adventure sessions, birthday parties, and seasonal memberships! Another favorite for thrill-seekers that will be heavily discounted are season passes to six flags. With discounted rates  all rollercoaster loving thrill-seekers should get passes to their nearest location this week.

Deals for Group Travelers:

People who like to travel in groups know the importance of packing snacks! Spice up your food storage game this season with Macy’s deals on food storage containers that are perfect for storing large amounts of food! You can also check out miniature market to get deals on some fun board games for groups. Whether your group is traveling by road or by air, a critical part of a successful group trip is making sure that everyone is comfortable. Almost all fashion retailers go on sale during Black Friday, and that makes it a perfect time to shop for athleisure style clothing. We recommend checking out AthletaSunspel, and Aerie for discounted comfy clothing. Perhaps you could even snag matching outfits for your upcoming travel group!

Deals for Nature Lovers:

The perfect essentials for nature lovers include weather-appropriate clothing. So all nature lovers should head over to REI coop to get their season fix for warm outdoor clothing so they can enjoy nature without fear of the elements. Moosejaw also has an incredible sale going on for outdoor clothing and footwear. Nature lovers who enjoy taking pictures of natural landscapes can also invest in great DSLR cameras this season on websites like Best BuyAdorama, and Amazon. Compare prices on all of these to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal for all your photography desires.

Deals for EVERYONE!

Is your personality just too awesome to fit into one or even two categories? We have you covered with some travel deals that EVERYONE can benefit from, regardless of their traveling preferences. These deals include luggage, flights, hotels, and general attractions!

Sturdy and fashionable luggage is the cornerstone for travelers, and this Black Friday brings lots of fantastic deals! Macy’sBelk, and Kohl’s all have amazing deals on individual luggage pieces and luggage sets to fit every traveler’s needs.

For flights and hotel stays, and Expedia offer great discounts all through the year. You should also try snap travel to compare hotel deals. 

If you’re unsure of where your next travel stop should be, Gocity. With discounted experiences in cities throughout the United States, including New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oahu, and many more, GoCity has something to offer for every kind of traveler out there.

Cruise companies are also well-known for offering discounts this season and this year is no different. RoyalCaribbeanMSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Princess cruises all offer amazing deals for cruise lovers.

While we can’t include EVERY travel-oriented deal on the internet for you, we hope this list has hyped you up enough to plan your next trip and make the most out of these deals! Look out for more...

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